Mrs. Reed's activity for you!

  • I have one of my favorite activities for you to try!  If you do write a story I would love to read them!  You can email them to me at:

    Story writing:

    You'll need the following items:

    • 1 dice
    • paper & pencil

    An idea for you to do this week starts with a story writing project.   I will provide the "problem" & you can randomly select the characters and setting by a roll of the dice!

    PROBLEM:  Stuck in the setting & location during the pandemic!!


    dice 1    Aliens                                         dice2    Dancer or Athlete          3die    Knights or Princesses


      4die   TV or You tube star          5 die   Your friends             6dot    Dogman or Bad Kitty





    dice 1   An Amusement Park           dice2    Castle                            3 dice   Circus         

        4dice    Hollywood California    5 die   New York City (Big City)   6dot   A Rain Forest